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Gareginovna Martirosyan

Armenia • Yerevan • born in 1994
Artist in social media
A long and interesting path of self-realization from a foreign language teacher and IT-sphere to the beautiful and multifaceted world of painting, filled with colors and images, ideas and shapes.
Talent belongs to the future, so said the philosophers of the past.
Many of them believed that the future should be in the hands of talented people. Defining talent as the potential of human self-actualization, they emphasized its role in achieving success with the right and successful choice of activity.
But how does talent manifest itself in ordinary life, how is it related to intrinsic motivation, personal growth and development?
How to pass a difficult, long interesting path of self-realization from a teacher of foreign languages and IT - the sphere in the beautiful and multifaceted world of painting, filled with colors and images, ideas and forms?
Modern painting as a reflection of everyday reality, the world of ideas and feelings, experiences and emotions, conveys a new reading and meaning of the interior and space.
Interior painting by talented young artist Kristina Martirosyan takes us into vivid images of reality, close-ups and small details, into the territory of meaning and ideas, detail and emphasis of space, time, movement and rest.
Concisely, accurately, vividly, simply, subtly and versatile author conveys his feelings, emotions, mood, vivid impressions of what he saw and experienced with oil and acrylic paints on canvas.
These include Balinese landscapes (mountains, fields) and Lankan nomads, the graceful shapes of female silhouettes, as well as the lifelines of the hand, mysterious flowers and the slow rhythm of life (turtles).
Sun and ocean, sea and mountains, the wind blowing and the power of words, the strength of friendship and fleeting love, unexpected meetings and partings, life-affirming joy and departing sadness, the transience of life and the meaning of eternity of existence - all this is reflected in pictures of small, fragile, but very strong and noble Christina.
I like her interior paintings, I want to look at them and watch how they are created.
Van Gogh Art-Cafe in Yerevan was one of the first to place works of Christina Martirosyan in their interiors, a gifted painting "Flowers" complemented the interior and became a beautiful decoration of the Van Gogh Art-Cafe.
They say that talent comes from hard work, and hard work grows talent.
Project #holstamalo is and expression of young talent, feelings, love, self-development, success and hope for the future.
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