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Bride of the wind

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1914, 220×181 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «Bride of the wind»

In 1913 Oskar Kokoschka measured the bed of his mistress Alma Mahlerhe cut the canvas the same size, mixed paint and began writing his most important picture. Important not to contemporaries or descendants, is not important for the development of modern art is important to him personally. If it will create a real masterpiece, Alma will marry him. And for him there can be other happiness.

This year he has written hundreds of portraits of Alma, naked, sleeping, sexy, alluring, knees of Alma, Alma. And this time wrote it to be what she loves most – lying in bed for the night. The canvas bed is gradually turning into a canvas-element canvas-a storm because this love was exhausting and insane. Departing at night from sweetheart, Oscar could until the morning to stand under the Windows, guarding imaginary opponents. Kokoschka writes that since the middle Ages no couple didn't inhale each other so much passion. And because the first name I saw was "Tristan and Isolde". Name "Bride of the wind" come up with the poet George Trakl that in alcoholic intoxication whispers new poems every night in the Studio Kokoschka.

Alma Mahler, widow of composer Gustav Mahler, had an exceptional flair for genius and inexplicable charm that drove men crazy. Her husbands after marriage, and an affair with Kokoschka was the architect Walter Gropius and writer Franz Werfel. But Kokoschka she never married wasn't going to, she was drawn to and sucked the energy received with her Oscar, but frightened and repelled by his obsession. She did not hesitate to abort, not wanting to have children with this madman, and he will redeem in the hospital bloody wool will torture her and himself, telling that it was his only child, and drawing pregnant.

In a letter Kokoschka wrote to Alma: "Painting is nearing completion, slowly but all the better. We are both expressing tremendous calm, embracing, on the edge of the semicircle, the sparkling colored lights of the sea, water tower, mountains, lightning and moon". See the picture, the Muse found it a masterpiece, but described it quite differently: "In his large-scale painting "the Bride of the wind" he portrayed, as I trustingly clung to him in the midst of storms and towering waves – expecting him aid, while he, with a despotic face, radiating energy, humbles wave".

The painting was sold immediately. The proceeds from the sale of money Kokoschka bought a horse and went to war. He'll be back after injuries to the head and chest, after wandering around hospitals and a nervous breakdown, when Vienna has long said goodbye to him as dead. Alma had already is the wife of Walter Gropius. They never get to see.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Portrait, Allegorical scene
Style of art and technique: Expressionism, Oil

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