Pierre Bonnard (FR. Pierre Bonnard, October 3, 1867 - January 23, 1947) was a French painter and graphic artist, who entered the history of art as one of the greatest colorists of the XX century. In his youth he led a group of painters called the Nabis.

Hailing from a family of state official, Bonnard first studied law at the Sorbonne, and then studied at the Academy of Juliane in Paris, then in the School of fine arts, where in 1888 he formed the group "Nabi", which included Ranson, Denis, sérusier, Vuillard, Roussel, and later joined Valloton. Under the influence of Gauguin and art of Japanese prints artists localized color, doing his painting over the plane. However, the strong influence of Japanese prints can be seen in the works exactly Bonnard, which was even called "panstwowym Nabi".

Pierre Bonnard was well acquainted with Ambroise Vollard and had caught him on several of his portraits. Bonnard exhibited their work at the "Salon of independent" and met with Toulouse-Lautrec. In 1905, together with Edouard Vyuyara went on a trip through Spain, followed by a trip to Belgium, Holland, England, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia and South France. In 1925, Bonnard bought a house on the Riviera, in Le Cannet.

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