France • 1759−1840
Pierre-Joseph Redoute (fr. Pierre-Joseph Redouté, July 10, 1759 - June 19, 1840) - French artist and botanist, court illustrator of the botanical catalogs of Queen Marie-Antoinette, and later - Empress Josephine Bonaparte
Pierre-Joseph had no art education, but there was a strong family tradition and school: his grandfather and father were artists and engravers. At the age of 13 he became an itinerant artist, and at 23 he already reached the Botanical Gardens in Paris. Redoute participated in Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign, and was part of a two-thousandth team of researchers who followed the emperor to Africa to study architecture, art, nature and language.
It was during the reign of Napoleon Pierre-Joseph Redoute created more than 2000 watercolor illustrations of plants in Africa, Australia, Europe and America.

Features of the artist Pierre-Joseph Redoubt: watercolor sketches of plants made by Redoubt are primarily scientific illustrations. The main place of work of the artist were the Botanical Gardens of the Museum of Natural History, he was able not only to skillfully depict shades of leaves and leaves, but also prepared these same leaves and studied to create an accurate scientific illustration. The main specialization of Redoubt were roses and lilies. The luxurious edition of the book "Liliae" in 1802 is still one of the most expensive books in history.
In addition to the scientific illustrations of Redoubt, as a court painter and the best expert on the royal gardens, he painted pictorial flower still lifes for queens with whom he served. In painting Reduta did not succeed, however, probably he did not really want to win a prominent place in the history of art. First of all, he was a scientist. Of course, remarkably gifted with artistic taste and ability.

Famous works of Pierre-Joseph Redoubt: "Viusussia Glaukopis", "Rose Parvi-flora, semi-double", "Gallika Purpuria Velutina from Parva", "Albuka Abyssinica ", "Alpina ordinary".
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