The Groeninge Museum

the Groningen str., 2, Brugge

The Groeninge Museum is located in the Groeninge district, on the former site of the Eekhoutabdij (Eekhout Abbey). It was designed by architect Joseph Viérin, and as of 1930 it centralised Bruges’ collection of paintings, which had until then been rather scattered. Since 1995, an adjoining neo-gothic building by architect Jean-Baptiste Bethune has provided extra space. Viérin’s building underwent a complete renovation in 2002, and the area housing the permanent collection was also recently refurbished.

The Groeninge Museum provides a varied overview of the history of Belgian visual art, with as highlight the world-renowned Flemish primitives. In this museum you can see, amongst other masterpieces, The Virgin and Child with Canon Van der Paele by Jan van Eyck and the Moreel Triptych by Hans Memling. You will also marvel at the top 18th and 19th-century neoclassical pieces, masterpieces of Flemish Expressionism and post-war modern art.