Mytishchi History and Art Museum, Mytishchi, Moscow region

In 1962 the people’s museum of Mytischi was founded by the efforts of enthusiasts and history amateurs. It became a center of studies focused on the traditions, culture and history of the district. The artifacts of the remote past are held in its collections.

Nowadays, the museum collection includes hundreds of exhibits that preserve the memories of the local landmarks, starting from the IV century B.C. to the present day.

Special attention is given to the tzar settlement of Tayninskoye, the history of the first Mytischi – Moscow aqueduct; the Marfino, Nikolo-Prozorovo and Rozhdestvenno-Suvorovo manors, the unique Russian folk artistic craft from Fedoskino and Zhostovo, and the newest history of Mytischi.

The art exhibitions are held in the museum along with the static exhibitions. The museum’s interactive and
educational programs have been designed for a wide range of visitors and have become the basic form of its work

Museum of history and fine arts in Mytischi.