Museum of Non-Conformist Art

st. Pushkinskaya, 10, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Non-conformism is a phenomenon in the unofficial culture of the Soviet period, clearly manifested in the visual arts, music and literature. The “second culture” includes such figures as M. Shemyakin, V. Tsoi, S. Kurekhin, T. Novikov, S. Bugaev-Africa, the Mitki group, B. Grebenshchikov, I. Brodsky and others.

The Museum of Non-Conformist Art, founded in 1989, was the first to declare the need to preserve and study the heritage of the unofficial culture of the USSR, making it its mission.

The collection of PIM includes more than 3,000 works of painting, sculpture, graphics, photography and digital art. The museum collaborates with leading art institutions in Russia, Europe and the USA, as well as with universities and research centers around the world.

Source: Museum website.