René Magritte • Painting, 1937, 65×54 cm
About the artwork
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Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Style of art: Surrealism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1937
Size: 65×54 cm
Artwork in selections: 41 selections

Description of the artwork «Georgette»

Rene Magritte was lucky enough to meet the love of his life as a child. He met the butcher’s young daughter Georgette Berger at a fair in Charleroi - he was barely 15, and she was two years younger. This first innocent love was a real outlet for Rene. His family was going through difficult times: shortly before that, the mother of the boy Regina Magritte committed suicide. And meeting with Georgette helped Rene at least a little distract from gloomy thoughts. By the way, during one of these meetings, young lovers saw the artist working in the open air, and Magritte suddenly realized that he wanted to connect his life with art.

Pretty soon, Rene and Georgette had to leave: the girl’s parents decided to move to Brussels. After some time, Magritte also moved to the capital to get an art education. And again he met Georgette. There are several versions of their reunion: according to one of them, the fateful meeting took place in the art supplies store, the second in the botanical garden, and according to the third, Rene and Georgette simply ran into each other on the street. Be that as it may, everything happened by chance. And this time, Magritte firmly decided not to let fate out of his hands and marry Georgette.

Throughout the rest of her life, Georgette remained for Magritte the most beloved muse and one of the main sources of inspiration. The artist has repeatedly said that almost all the women in his paintings are written off from his wife. And although only a few of these canvases are signed by her name, the features of Georgette are clearly visible in most of the female characters of Magritte. However, basically they were some abstract female images similar to his wife. While the portraits of Georgette themselves become a kind of milestone in the career of the artist. Magritte painted at least one portrait of his wife, signed by her name, in each period of his work - cubistic,surreal and "renoir". Georgette seems to be a kind of constant, something unshakable, unchanging and very important that accompanies the artist throughout his career. However, the way it was: Magritte lived with his wife until his death. Georgette survived him for almost 20 years and was buried with her husband at the Scharbeck cemetery near Brussels.

Author: Evgenia Sidelnikova