United States • 1882−1971
According to eyewitnesses, the Rockwell Kent (Rockwell Kent) never tired and was physically unable long to sit in one place. He was a great artist, a great writer, a tireless traveler and outstanding red tape. American playwright Lawrence Stallings once wrote: "Rockwell Kent appeared in this world, partly in order brilliantly to describe a life full of adventure. But more to prove after Leonardo da Vinci nature has not forgotten how to create people who know how to be excellent".

Passion for drawing was evident in the Rockwell Kent early. As a teenager, he attended summer school William Chase famous educator, founder of American impressionism. Chase quickly saw that the young man's talent and promised to Rockwell scholarship at the new York school of art. But the mother of Kent, single-handedly raised three children (the father of Rockwell died when he was five), not hearsay knew what misery and considered the profession of artist is "unreliable". Out of respect for the mother of the Rockwell Kent enrolled at Columbia University and for three years he studied architecture, visiting schools of painting in the evenings.

One of the most important mentors in the lives of Kent became Robert Henry Evangelist so-called "school of the trash", the singer of the new York bottom, the poet of the slums and outskirts. In contrast to the "classmates" - George Bellows or Edward Hopper, Kent was indifferent to the urban landscape. But was fascinated by the realistic manner of Henry, his desire to write a simple life of ordinary Americans without gloss and pathos.

In 1905 the Board Henry, Kent went to the island Monhegan (Maine), in which recklessly fell in love immediately. It was here that he fully realized that such a "simple lives of ordinary Americans". Here wandering in his mind skvorecky socialist ideas took shape in Beliefs.

On the island Monegan the Rockwell Kent had a chance to visit a driller of wells, the lighthouse Keeper, a Fisher lobster and oysters, a Builder. Having worked with pick and shovel, he took up a brush is the only way, according to Kent, it was possible to transfer to canvas the truth.

In 1907, Rockwell Kent put up 14 of his paintings with landscapes Manegan in new York. Critics wrote that the paintings "bother the hell out" and "cause desire to pray". None of them was never sold. Kent returned to Monegan with a reputation as one of the most promising artists of America and a debt of one hundred dollars.

Rockwell Kent was of medium height. He early began to go bald, and even the most friendly reviewer hardly ventured to call him handsome. His wife Sally recalled how after meeting Rockwell, thought he was more like an ordinary shoemaker, than a cultural icon. However, Kent has never complained about the shortage of female attention (by the way, Sally Kent was his third wife). If there was something that attracted him so much as the work, it is a fleeting affair, violent novels or serious long-term relationship, from time to time ending a marriage certificate.

When Kent had brought from the mainland his first wife, the islanders went on shore to greet the newlyweds. On Monegan Kent now thought of as their: women pinned to dresses holiday "Valentine", the photographers did not regret magnesium, local band played the wedding March. At first nobody paid attention to that spouse above Rockwell on the head and twice the width of his shoulders. "Wedding" was the draw: the role of the bride performed each Kent - George Putnam.

However, the joke didn't remain a joke. Rockwell Kent - at a conservative estimate, the father of six children, was married three times, and his mistresses lose even the most pedantic biographers.

Passion to change places, owned by Kent all his life, was to some extent a consequence of his sexual excess. Kent, constantly Brahmavidya in relationships, women, children and liabilities, paradoxically longed for freedom and privacy. And constantly ran into the most remote, harsh and exciting over the world.

In different years he lived in Alaska, Denmark, Ireland, Greenland. On the eve of the First world war, the authorities have expelled Kent from Newfoundland, mistaking him for a German spy. He was trying to round Cape horn on a small ship, which was built almost in their hands, and survived two shipwrecks.

Of course, wherever he climbed Kent, his indefatigable nature followed him. The similarity of Paradise he found in Greenland, where the atmosphere was very loose morals. Kent never made any secret of his love Affairs. He once published a book in which he described his life in Greenland uncensored. Kent has devoted her his second wife Frances Lee. And called it "Salamina" - in honor of his harp mistress.

Being a public figure, Kent was often an object of ridicule because of their sexual appetites. So the poet Luis Untermyer published in new York magazine friendly epigram, the essence of which was to ensure that the inquisitive naturalist Rockwell Kent will never miss a chance to the player rubs noses with a pretty eskimo. Among friends of Kent was a very popular story of how Rockwell brought from the street weighty cow cake, baked it in the oven and sent "pie" Untermyer, a sense of humor not betrayed him even in the most difficult moments.

Of course, the eternal wanderings of Rockwell Kent did not contribute to the strength of his marriage. But there were a powerful source of inspiration - whenever the Rockwell returned with new experiences, books and paintings.

Women and travel were the reason that almost all his life, tireless, extremely popular and prolific Kent could hardly make ends meet. His paintings are liked by the critics, but not too inspired collectors. Happened, help came from an unexpected side. For example, Rex stout - the famous author of detective novels about Niro Wolfe once paid Kent holidays in Ireland with the condition that he would give him the first canvas, which will write during the trip. Any income he brought the book is amazing, but in a commercial sense Kent-writer was more successful than Kent is an artist.

But usually the Rockwell Kent interrupted by work, which was often disgusted. Under the pseudonym Hogarth Jr. he drew cartoons for the magazine Vanity Fair. He has designed logos for publishing companies and sold the notes magazine Adventure. He painted cinemas, offices of large companies and even the dishes. He was so omnipresent that journalists suggested that the last name Kent is a artistic team.

From the record "commercial" list highlights the work that Kent did as a book designer. His book illustrations of Shakespeare, Chaucer and especially to "Moby dick" Melville's still considered unsurpassed classic of the genre.

"At first gradually, then suddenly"- describe the mechanism of bankruptcy Ernest Hemingway. First gradually, then suddenly - so lost the battle with imperfect world, Rockwell Kent.

Kent joined the socialist party while still a student of Robert Henri. Since then he has actively fought against every injustice and never confined himself to mere sympathy for the working class.

In the early 30's Kent started a lawsuit against the railway company for not fulfilling their promises to the residents of a small town in upstate new York. He has spent on lawyers lion's share of their modest savings, huffing and puffing in the press. Communication with the city was restored. Then Kent went. The company filed an appeal and in the absence of the famous opponent won the process. Not having essentially nothing, Kent is known for don Quixote. Of course, this was not the last windmill in his way.

He never missed an opportunity to climb the barricades. It happened in the morning he drew a Christmas calendar on the order of the General Electric company, and in the afternoon went to the strike of the workers of this company, with angry banner in his hands. He was one of the authors of the Stockholm appeal. He openly criticized the foreign policy of his country and openly sympathized with the USSR.

It is not surprising that during the McCarthyism of Rockwell Kent announced a Communist. His books were removed from libraries. The doors of museums and galleries were closed for him. His fame was rapidly melting. It was often confused with Norman Rockwell (Norman Rockwell) - popular in those years, artist and Illustrator. He even stopped to buy milk. The farm, which is owned by Kent, was on the verge of bankruptcy: people feared that a cow had the same red. From a General favorite, Rockwell Kent turned into a pariah.
He sold his dairy farm Manager and more loyal workers for one dollar. 80 of his paintings and 800 drawings donated to the Soviet museums.

Soon after his return from the USSR, Rockwell Kent suffered a stroke and was partially paralyzed. Gradually he managed to recover, he continued to draw and write.

In 1969 the universe again tried to say something Kent in his home in Plattsburg (NY) was struck by lightning. The house burned down halfway, and many rare books, paintings, certificates of amazing journeys Kent was destroyed. Already the next morning, Rockwell Kent began to work on the drawings, and a few months later was built on the old Foundation of a new house.

He died in this house two years later. According to the wife of Rockwell, a few minutes before his death he said he was tired. For the first time in 88 years.
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