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Valerij Ivanovich Sosna
 Ivanovich Sosna
Dnipro born in 1960
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Biography and information
Valerij Sosna was born and lives in the Dnipro. He made a decision to become a professional artist at a rather mature age, when he was serving in the army.

For several years he worked in the art studio of Mikhail Pushnoj. Then he lived and worked for three years in Moscow studio of the artist Fyodor Reshetnikov, where he absorbed the energetics of his paintings, as well as paintings by Vrubel, Serov, Repin.

After several years of study he entered the Kiev State Art Institute. Graduation from the university coincided with the first solo exhibition in the capital. Since then and to this day the artist continues to search in the most different genres of painting and trends in the visual arts.

The first large personal exhibition was held in the Dnipro Art Museum in 2003 year. The exposition showed as wide and diverse the work of this master. After trips to Europe, series of magical Venetian and Viennese landscapes was born, which formed the basis of the exhibition. The native species of Dnipro also took almost the most important place in the exhibition.

At the subsequent solo exhibitions the genres of still life, portrait and landscape will be presented in various ways. Certainly, arouse interest already well-known compositions of master, among which are the Dialectics of Time, the Millennium, the Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral, and the Winter. And new ones, such as the Polar Star, the Musician, the Croupier, the Big and Little Dipper diptych, and series of nude paintings.

Valerij Sosna became a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine in 2005 year and constantly participates in All-Ukrainian and international art exhibitions and plein-airs.
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Svetlana Ivanova

Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Krakow Town Hall In The Rain
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Krakow's Wawel Cathedral
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Souvenir shop
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. St. Mary's Basilica
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Street in Krakow
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Venice. Grand Canal
Venice. Grand Canal
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna
2015, 45×60 cm
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Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Dialectics of time
Dialectics of time
1991, 200×300 cm
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Autumn is coming
Autumn is coming
2016, 60×60 cm
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Slavic Cordiality
Slavic Cordiality
2012, 75×70 cm
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Sunflowers
2011, 80×60 cm
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Grandfather’s accordion
Grandfather’s accordion
2014, 80×60 cm
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Melon
2010, 80×70 cm
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Bouquet
$1 500
2005, 90×70 cm
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Spring Bouquet
$1 500
Spring Bouquet
2005, 90×70 cm
Valerij Ivanovich Sosna. Autumn
$1 000
2011, 70×100 cm
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