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I guess I am a contradictory person, not being a supporter of any radicalism, but at the same time I remain a very principled person, a non-conformist. I am very impressed by diversity and diversity, but for all my sympathy for this brightness, I am not ready to put up with a number of vices. As a former idealist, I considered my favorite genre to be dystopia. But the longer I study humanity and its history, discovering that I live in them, the more important it becomes to me to be a creator, to be able to create little pocket portals, exits from them. For me, life, until you do what you want, is like a heavy foggy dream. And being aware of one's vision of the content and form of what is desired transforms existence into real life. Creating my picturesque windows, I cannot and do not want to deny myself diversity, so I am free to use any materials and styles. All my works are united by dreaminess and love for life, not in an animal lust, but precisely in the human sense of the term.
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