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Viktoriya Volkova
Odessa, Ukraine, 44 years collector
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«Трудно хранить злобу в сердце, когда в мире так много красоты. (c)»
Icon Painting. Tricuspid fold Phenomenon of the Virgin prep. Sergius of Radonezh (workshop of I.S. Khrustachev)
Icon Painting. The Last Supper (workshop by IS Khrustachev)
Icon Painting. Archangel Michael (Workshop A.Ya. Vashurova)
Icon Painting. The Virgin and Child on the throne, with selected saints
Icon Painting. Martyr Nikita the Warrior, with a Life (S.V. Rozhkov)
Icon Painting. PriestMartyr Harlampy of Magnesia, with scenes of death and selected saints in the fields
Icon Painting. Mother of God Ilinskaya Chernigovskaya
Icon Painting. Lord Almighty (N.S. Emelyanov)
Icon Painting. World creation
World creation
Icon Painting
1901-1901, 52×43.5 cm
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