Portrait Of Alexander Pushkin

Vasily Tropinin • Painting, 1827, 68×56 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Style of art: Realism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1827
Size: 68×56 cm
Artwork in collection: Smart and Beautiful Natalya Kandaurova
Artwork in selections: 56 selections

Description of the artwork «Portrait Of Alexander Pushkin»

Researchers of creativity of Pushkin say that until 1827, no one really was able to create a portrait of the poet. Some engraved "monsters" fictional "students" with tanks (which Pushkin grow, by the way, only after the exile, in St. Michael), a romantic young man with a sharp chin gave very little idea of his true appearance.

And in 1827 was created from two portraits, which were truly canonical, despite the huge difference in their intonation. Later Russian and Soviet artists, depicting the Pushkin at any age and at any period of his life, wrote of the poet as he appeared in the paintings of Kiprensky and Tropinin (1, 2). The picturesque Pushkin took away the youth and deprived of maturity – it all 28.

Portraits of Kiprensky and Tropinin are not similar as not similar Petersburg and Moscow. The official, uniformed, buttoned up, proud, majestic, immersed in his thoughts, solemn is Pushkin Metropolitan artist Kiprensky. Home, the messy, choppy, touching, dreamy and collected, but still majestic and solemn in his housecoat is Pushkin Muscovite Tropinin.

Vasily invented this loved by Muscovites "careless genre" often, when ordering a portrait to the family gallery, the nobility was asked to portray them necessarily in the Bathrobe. According to one version, precisely because of this ability to ease, domesticity and intimacy in the model image selected Tropinin Sergey Sobolevsky. He ordered the artist to a portrait of Pushkin and particularly insisted that he wants to see his friend on it so "as he was often not smoothed and pripomazhennaya". According to another version, Pushkin took a picture of myself to make Sobolevsky.

Portrait Tropinin painted from nature – and on the first day created a very lively sketch for future work, on first impression. It is weaker than in the pictorial, coloristic, compositional decision, but it is much more valuable to literary scholars and readers who need to see the real Pushkin "blue eyes of the poet here full of special Shine, head turning fast, and the facial features are expressive and agile".

With ready same pattern happened complicated and the detective story – on the way to Sobolevsky it replaced the fake and the original was found by chance only after 30 years in the money-changing shop. 80-year-old man Tropinin he was identified, cleaned and revealed a new layer of varnish, but refused to refurbish what he created in his youth and in person.

Contemporaries recognized the striking resemblance of the portrait with nature. And a dressing gown around not looks matter, that, say critics, rather Regal Roman toga, it is rather loose clothes of a free man. A very important point in those years, both for those returning from exile poet and received his freedom of the artist.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova