Aleks Andr

Russia • Sankt-Peterburg and Leningrad Oblast • born in 1972 • artist
I am Alexander Mishustin - a Russian Artist with an Artistic Architectural education. I have been drawing since I was an infant. Family legend: - I started walking on my own because my hands were occupied with an armful of colored pencils! Next - Art school with honors, prizes in children's art exhibitions, competitions, in 1998. Graduated from Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture and Art (now - NRUADI them. A. Kryachkova). All my life I was involved in design and architecture professionally, winner of the international competition "Golden Capitel", painting was my outlet, a hobby for the Soul! Often painted for my architectural interiors. Recently I've shifted my priorities, now I do Painting both professionally and for the Soul! I experience incredible energy and happiness, and share them on the canvases of my works!

My manifesto: To speak about the universe in an artistic minimalist language, optimizing the visual and emotional language of the world around us to a state of line, form, color, emotion...

Declaration: There is no richer source of inspiration for an artist than the surrounding World, Nature, the Universe.

The mission of my art: Fixation of the state of moments of the surrounding universe in an artistic interpretation.


1982 Exhibition of paintings dedicated to employees
Fire Department. "Fighters of the fire front. Novosibirsk. 1st place.
1983 Exhibition of "Art School #18" Novosibirsk
1984 Exhibition of "Art School #18" Novosibirsk
1984 "Young Painters, School 188" Novosibirsk
1987 Poster Contest School 188" Novosibirsk 1st place.
1995 "Painting Breakthrough" Novosibirsk
2014 "Golden Capitel" Novosibirsk Silver Diploma
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