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Everyone knows that when we lose loved ones, we become more vulnerable.
But who will win - the warm album of memories or the temptation to give up and retreat into the gray corners of sadness?

This project is dedicated to my little friend who let the elemental power of unconditionalism into my world, making my world kinder and richer for five years.

Bunnister came suddenly, even abruptly - like an insight on one of those nights when the moon seems colder than usual and the longing seems more intolerable. That's how understanding came to me, and then gratitude - for the opportunity to do what I really love, telling my story through paint.

And even though you couldn't see anything in the sky that night, I know that there was a very special star hiding there, whose white heart-shaped nose you'll find in all my paintings.

I sincerely hope that Bunnister paintings will bring you joy and good luck, because it is not for nothing that rabbits are considered totem animals, capable of turning weakness into strength and opening new doors.
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