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Alekseevna Ivanova

Russia • Fryazino • born in 1993 • artist
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Ivanova Alina - was born in 1993 in the small village of Trubino, Moscow region. She received a degree in Decorative and Applied Arts at Gzhel State University. From 2004-2010, she studied at the Ogudnevskaya art school. At the age of 11 I took a great interest in art and decided to connect with it all my life. After graduating from art school I entered the Gzhel State Art and Industry Institute in ceramics. Ceramics was chosen purposefully with clay Alina has a special attitude. Back in art school she liked modeling to feel its plasticity, malleability, when the piece can be made into any shape. Within the walls of the Institute the creative vision of Alina was formed, in part under the influence of Oleynikov Sergey Vyacheslavovich and Beketov Nikolai Petrovich, working in arts and crafts, they showed how man can burn, and love what he does. After graduation there was a period of experimentation and formation as an artist.

For Alina, art is life. Creating is as vital as breathing. Her task as an artist is to share her feelings and perception of the world with people through her work.

Since 2006, a member of art exhibitions.

2006 г. - Participant in the exhibition "Young Talents of Shchelkovo Land

2008 - Participant in the exhibition "Young Talents of Shchelkovo Land

2009 г. - Winner and participant in the "Christmas Tale" competition of arts and crafts for young people.

2009 г. - Participant of the exhibition-competition "Clay toys of the Moscow region"

2012 г. - Winner and participant of the regional exhibition-competition "Artistic processing of wood"

2015 г. - Participant of the All-Russian Festival of Student Design

2015 г. - Participant of the Moscow Festival of Student Art "Student Palette

2016 г. - Prizewinner in the creative competition of the II Festival of Folk Art "Craft and Craftsmanship of Ramen

2021г. - Participant of the ART-exhibition "Hipster Art

2022г. - Participant and Finalist in the "Unusual 2020" contest of the Old Gallery
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