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Lena Langer - since 2022. Member of the Eurasian Union of Artists (abstractionist guild).

Since 2020, she has been actively engaged in creative artistic activities, saturating her with educational
educational programs and courses in their lives.

He paints interior abstractions in mixed techniques:
-Acrylic, ink
-Gold plating
-Texture pastes

Her paintings are emotional narratives, not literal representations of the natural word, but rather abstract accounts of reactions to the world around her, the movement of life, color and sound. She immerses herself in the artistic process, as if in meditation, to create on a white canvas
a "different" landscape, "different" images of people, a "different" world.

Mixing different materials is a feature of her work. Her favorites are acrylic paint, texture paste and gilding. Often enjoying an "explosion" of color, she also
finds working with a limited palette equally exciting.

Since 2021 she has participated with great interest in various art contests and exhibitions. You can read more about her work on social networks.

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