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Alexandrovich Rylov
Biography and information
The artist Arkady Rylov (1870−1939) is one of the most famous Soviet landscape painters, graphic artists and educators. The works of Arkady Rylov largely determined the versatile look of landscape painting in Leningrad in 1920−1930. The artist’s works (paintings) are predominantly Russian nature, but in his work one can also find scenes with views of other countries.
Throughout his life, Arkady aspired to the historical landscape canvases of "great style", as often shown by Rylov. All his canvases are filled with romanticism and depth, they are dense in color and far from unsteady etude.
Famous names of paintings by Arkady Rylov:
• "Green noise";
• "In the blue expanse";
• "In the forest" and others.
The master made an enormous contribution to the training of new generations of painters of Soviet landscapes. On the pages of Arthive you will find the names of the paintings of the artist and the main stages of his biography.
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Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. The river
The river
Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov
1921, 14×22.8 cm
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    Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. Tree on the hill
    Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. Winter
    Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. Winter. Birch
    Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. Quiet river
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