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Love Aver is a professional artist.
Since the age of 8 she studied fine arts: art school, individual lessons with teachers.
In 2002 she graduated from the Faculty of Art and Graphic Arts of the Turgenev OGU.
2002-2008, she taught at the Center for Creativity
Creative Path:
Since 2007 I have been concentrating on landscape painting, traveling and working a lot.
As a result, a selection of paintings and sketches from different parts of Russia appeared. The series was constantly replenished with works and in December 2007 grew into my first solo exhibition "Illumination by Rainbow".
Since the spring of 2021 I have been fascinated by the theme of the historical city of the late 19th - early 20th century. I wrote a series of works with historical streets of Moscow based on archival photographic materials of 1880 - 1930. I have always been a city dweller. I am mesmerized by the very movement of the city, its development, the interweaving of history with constant renewal. Hundreds of shapes, colors, materials, depending on the seasons. It has become an interesting experience for me.
At the moment I write landscapes, still lifes and continue the theme of Russia of the late XIX - early XX century. Today I have about 30 paintings and sketches.
I live and work in Moscow.
I actively cooperate with museums and galleries, participate in collective exhibitions, and write for private collections.
Member of the Eurasian Art Union, I am a member of the section "Classical Painting".
I am a member of the Russian Geographical Society.
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