Russia • Kurskaya Oblast' • born in 1989 • artist
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My name is Olga and I chose the path of an artist as my lifestyle.
My hometown is the city of Chuguev, the place where the outstanding Russian painter Ilya Repin was once born. One day, my love for music, paintings, literature and the forbidden reached maximum concentration and quite unexpectedly for me it resulted in a whole talent in drawing and understanding of art.
I independently mastered various visual techniques and directions from painting to graphics: landscape, portrait, sacred images, abstraction, Wu-Xing.
After years of studying, searching and experimenting, I have found my authorial style, which is an expression of my life philosophy and inner vision.
My artistic eye is like a kind of X-ray: color perception is relative, but if you look into the essence of any object, it will be of darkness and light, mine is of emptiness/fullness and gold.

The special uniqueness of my paintings lies in the fact that I use gold paint not as a decorative, but as an independent paint, and write in monochrome technique portraits, figure, flowers and various subjects, color plays an independent, symbolic role in them.

"In an effort to depict the true essence of any object, I "highlight" it from the depths of the black canvas. An image painted in gold paint takes on a special beauty, dignity and becomes a jewel. This is the true nature of everything that exists."

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