United States • 1958−1990

Keith Haring (eng. Keith Haring may 4, 1958, reading — February 16, 1990, new York) is an American artist, sculptor and public figure.

Haring was born in Pennsylvania, began to draw early, was brought up on American popular culture of comics, cartoons, advertising. Two semesters I studied design at art school in Pittsburgh, dropped out of class. Then moved to new York, entered the circles of alternative art. Was engaged in wall paintings in the new York subway, as well as in Melbourne, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin. Was friends with Jean-Michel Basquiat, collaborated with Burroughs, Timothy Leary, Andy Warhol, grace Jones, Yoko Ono, Madonna. The first solo exhibition of Haring's work were organized in new York in 1982. Participated in the 7th exhibition of Documenta Kassel (1982), the Biennale in Sao Paulo and other major international exhibitions.

Died of AIDS.

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