Konstantinovich Makarov

Russia • 1904−1960

Painter. A certificate of completion issued by the CVC on the basis of the qualification Commission, who reviewed provided sketches and studies recent stage 4 of the course on skill.

He studied at the former. The Central school of technical drawing of Baron Stieglitz in Petrograd (1920-1922), then s (1922-1926). Probably was familiar with Filonov in the years of study at the Academy, but MAI came after 1927 he Participated, together with other members of the Association in the exhibition "Modern Leningrad artistic groups". For "Kalevala" made an illustration and designed the cover. O. V. Pokrovsky brings memories Zaklikowski about this period of work Makarov: "...Mikhail Konstantinovich complained to me about his burnout and the brutality of the requirements Filonov. "This piece better, but this is worse," — said Pavel. Misha altered. "And now this piece better, but this is worse." Makarov again altered. Wanted to convey a sense of ancient runes. Exhausted, but done." Information on further creative activities not found. Perhaps after the great Patriotic war was engaged in monumental painting.

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