Tarasovich Markov

Russia • 1802−1878

In 1865 Alexei Tarasovich Markov was awarded the title of honoured Professor of the Academy of arts. This decision was confirmed by the high artistic skill of the painter and his extraordinarily effective teaching. He loved the students of the Academy, tried to help those in need of them. Academics for that he was grateful to the teacher and willingly chose Markov as their leader. Born in Novgorod in the family of a watchmaker, the young Alexey Markov in his childhood showed great talent for art. At the age of eleven he became a pupil of the Academy of arts. Among his teachers were famous artists and teachers A. Egorov, Andrey Ivanov and B. Shebuev. A painting graduate of the Academy "Priam begging Achilles the body of Hector" brought him in 1824 a small gold medal. In 1830, for the competition film "Socrates before his death, talking with students about the immortality of the soul" Markov gets a gold medal and the right to pensioner's trip abroad. In business trip it is extremely a lot of work: copies of the great masters adorned the museums of St. Petersburg, skillfully made by the artist and a number of independent films. One of them is "Fortuna and the pauper", bought by Emperor Nicholas I, A. T. Markov was awarded the title of academician. Great was the work of the painter to create images and patterns for the main churches and temples of Saint-Petersburg. Composition Trihypostatic God at Markov for the ceiling dome of the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior reached, according to contemporaries, this height of skill, which reached the few artists of all times and peoples. (Unfortunately, the composition was not implemented for certain reasons in the painting of the temple.)

Was a pupil of the Imperial Academy of arts and developed it under the guidance of Andr. Ivanov, A. Yegorov, V. Shebuyev. Having been in 1824, for his success in drawing and painting, two silver medals, small and large, in the same year he graduated from the academic course with the title of the artist XIV class and a small gold medal, awarded to him for the execution of the program picture: "Priam begging Achilles for Hector's corpse" and left at the Academy, as a pensioner, for his further improvement. Then, in 1830, for the picture: "Socrates, before his death, talking with students about the immortality of the soul", he was awarded a large gold medal and sent at public expense in foreign lands. In Dresden copied the Sistine Madonna by Raphael, in Rome performed the copy with the frescoes by the same artist: "the Fire in Borgo" and painted a picture of self song: "Fortuna and the Pauper" that brought him in 1836, the title of academician, and completed the sketch: "Christian martyrs in the Coliseum" (the first three Markov overseas work are in the Museum Acad. of arts, the last in Moscow. public Museum). During the sketch, in 1842, the Academy recognized the Markov Professor 2 tbsp. In 1852, he was promoted to professors, 1 tbsp., and in 1865 he held the rank of distinguished Professor. Not having a particularly strong talent, but for being an excellent draughtsman and a man of conscientious and diligent, Markov has benefited Russian art primarily for his teaching; he had a special attention to young artists, resulting in students to it, they were recorded at a greater rate than other professors. From the works of Markov should indicate, in excess of the aforementioned, a huge painting, "Joseph in Egypt, meets his brothers" in the attic of St. Isaac's Cathedral, two ceiling in the same temple, the image of the iconostasis in the Annunciation of the CDC. equestrian guards, painting on the sails of the dome in the CRK. the Semenovsky regiment and the enormous ceiling of the main dome in Moscow. the Church of Christ, depicting Trihypostatic God is one of the finest creations of Russian art, in which, however, Markov belongs only to the composition, and its processing and a letter I. Makarov, I. Kramskoy, N. Koshelevo and B. Venig. A.. {Brockhaus}

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