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Borisovich Abaza

Russia • born in 1934

Biography and information

He was born in 1934 In Leningrad.

1948 — moved with his family to Riga.

1964 — member of the folk Studio "Riga". Freelance press photographer of the newspaper "the Soviet youth".

1966 — member of the annual Studio "Riga" exhibiting photography "the Necklace of rivers" (diploma of 3 degrees). The photo was taken while working as an engineer-constructor of Riga electric machine plant. From the window of the design office he saw this picture — rafting, which attracted his attention. Further pictures of his priletayut figure, line, chart.

1969 — the photographer moved to Moscow and began working as photocorrespondent of the newspaper "Soviet culture". During this period he took pictures of cultural, theatrical reports, etc.

1971-1996 — the photojournalist of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

1972 — the trip to "Azovstal" photographer takes one of his best pictures "Rails Azovstal", which was published in the pages of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The job of a reporter Central Newspapers required a willingness to "conveyor style", but his true leanings are not in the field events and in the field of artistic photography.

His photographs are always interesting events, real people, real action. Abaza never done staged shots, always looking for techniques that have made his picture stand out. His reports from industrial factories were a unique art photographs in a style that will not confuse with any other.

Alexander Abaza continues the innovative tradition of photographic art, but the distinguishing feature of his photographs is that the author finds their form and composition in real life - in factories, construction sites, in urban areas.

Alexander Abaza - participant in national exhibitions and international photography contests. The winner of the "Grand Prix" of the contest "Silver camera".

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