Moiseyevich Antokolsky

Russia • 1872−1942

Student of the Academy of Arts from 1891 on the 1900 November 2, 1900 the title of the artist for the painting :"Salome, daughter of Herodias". (Kondakov)

Nephew of the famous sculptor M. M. Antokolsky.

He graduated from the Vilna school of drawing. In 1891, 1893-1900 studied at the Imperial Academy of arts in the Studio of I. E. Repin, which he graduated with the title artist. Upon graduation in St. Petersburg, returned to Vilna. Until 1912 he lived in Vilnius, taught drawing in the schools, supervised the drawing classes in art and industrial society. The first teacher of the artist LASAR Segall. In 1908 he became one of the organizers "of the Vilnius art society" and a member of the Board. Many wrote articles on art and related exhibitions, published, particularly in the Vilnius newspaper "the Northwest voice."

In February 1911 he participated in the Second Congress of artists of the Russian Empire.

From 1912 he lived and worked in Moscow.

In 1930-32 — assistant editor and artist of the magazine "Painting".

Wrote on historical subjects, biblical subjects, scenes from Jewish life, landscapes Vilna, still lifes, much in the tradition of the Wanderers. Doing a portrait. In the 20 years I have worked on public buildings, in particular, painted cinema "Odeon", "Modern" (in hotel "Metropol"), designed the all-Russian agricultural exhibition (1923). Developed and executed a comprehensive project coloring some areas of Moscow (1929).

In 1903-1904 painted a series of portraits of Bible characters on cards issued by the printing office of G. Lambert on the order of "the Moscow Bureau of engineering".

In 1903-1910 participated in the spring exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, in Vilnius — in the exhibitions of the Vilnius art society, and later in the exhibitions of the "Society of I. E. Repin" (1927-1928). Works are in State Russian Museum, Odessa art Museum, the Lithuanian Art Museum.

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