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Ivanovich Antonov

Russia • 1930−1998

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born January 2, 1930 in Moscow. In 1948 he graduated from the art restoration school named after 1905. From 1948 to 1950 he worked as a restorer in the Moscow Kremlin. In 1961, Antonov completed his professional education at the Moscow state art Institute.In.And.Surikov (workshop of P. Sokolov-Skal and V. Tsyplakov) with honors. In his student years Antonov has his work attracted the attention of leading artists of the time – I. E. Grabar, Gerasimov and others.

The art of E. I. Antonova multifaceted. Antonov was a great schedule, a painter, worked in various genres. On the one hand, in his work the Antonov stands as the successor of the traditions of "Union of Russian artists", Moscow landscape school, with another – his painting is original and full of discoveries both in the choice of images and in the field of painting technique. "By means of art embody his dream of one inner need. And it is courage of conviction plus "flow" of creative material. Hence ... the true value of art works" (diary record).

In the works of Antonova live the tradition of the great Renaissance masters, Russian painting of the XIX century. The images are accessed by the artist, is always significant (Sergius of Radonezh, Eupraxia Zaraisky, Yemelyan Pugachev), topic ("Baptism", "the White house", "the Red wheel") is monumental. Antonov felt a witness of the history of his country – hungry post-war time, then censorial oppression of the 1970s, when a graduate of the Surikov school was forced to work without a Studio, with only limited orders, and finally the era of perestroika, the time of troubles. In the works of Antonov feels the intellectual and emotional stress, a question addressed to the viewer, requiring it own decisions not from the head, but rather from conscience. Antonov's paintings is a deep humanistic message embodied by means of painting "inner necessity".

Works by Eugene Antonov, in Moscow in the Museum of the Ministry of internal Affairs; the Lenin Museum; the "Literary Museum of A. Pushkin", Museum of the great Patriotic War. In art museums of the city of Orel, Vologda, Tomsk, Arkhangelsk, Magnitogorsk, Syktyvkar, Krasnoarmeysk, Bronnitsy in the Museum "Zaraisky Kremlin". As well as in private collections in England, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, USA, Bulgaria, Russia.

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