Mikhailovich Belyutin

Russia • 1925−2012

Born in 1925 in Moscow. In 1949 he graduated from the Moscow art Institute and creative postgraduate student P. Kuznetsov, A. Lentulov and Lev Bruni. Since 1954 - organizer and Director of creative jellies experimental painting and graphics "New reality". Awarded the Gold medal of the Rome festival", Settori the Internationale" and the Great medal of the Italian Academy of modern art "For outstanding creative achievements and activities of international importance", winner of Jennaanne n International Biennale of figurative art, a member of the Italian Academy of modern art.

Exhibitions (selected): Solo exhibition in the gallery "Cliche Kolo" in Warsaw, participation in the exhibition "Artists of the gallery" at Galerie Lambert in Paris.(1961).

Participation in the permanent exhibition Gallery Lambert, Paris (1962-1974). Personal exhibition in the framework of the VI Biennale of Paris in the Galerie Lambert in Paris, personal exhibition in the art center "La Barcaccia" in Rome (1969). Participation in the HALLS of the National exhibition of fine arts in Italy (1971). Participation in the permanent exhibition of the art Center "La Barcaccia" in Rome (1973). Solo exhibition at Maryland gallery, Boston, USA (1977). The annual exhibition shows in the spring in Abramtsevo, the fall in the Moscow workshop (1978-79). Participation in the exhibition "Contemporary Russian art", "Berkeley square, galern", Paris (1989). Solo exhibition from museums and private collections in Poland in the Gallery of modern art, Warsaw (1990). The exhibition "the Artists of the Studio E. Belutin "New Reality". From Manege to Manege" (1990).

Born June 10, 1925 in Moscow.

He graduated from the art Institute and creative graduate. His teachers were P. Kuznetsov, Lentulova. L. Bruni. PhD


1946 - founded the creative Studio of painting (1954— official status)


1947 accepted into the USSR Union of artists


1948 Moscow. Solo exhibition Expelled from the USSR Union


1950's- taught in the PIM. where I was fired (1959) Commission headed by A. D. Goncharov for the promotion of abstract art


1959 - organizes collective visits of the students for summer internship

1 the exhibition of creative works Studio artists


1961 - Poland. Warsaw. Solo exhibition of France. Paris


1962 - Moscow. B. Communist. Exhibition of works hudojnikov Studio ("Taganka") Moscow, Manezh. In parallel with the exhibition "30 years MOSKh" in the halls of the second floor was an exhibition of works by Studio artists

The closing of the Studio in the city Committee of artists books and posters


1964 - Studio resumes in the house and the Studio Belutin in Abramtsevo, which hosts annual spring and autumn exhibitions, with dozens of participants


1965 - France, Paris. Participation in exhibition of young artists of EASTERN Europe


1967 - France. Paris. "The human figure" (group exhibition)


1969 - France, Paris. Solo exhibition award of the Italian Academy of fine arts gold medal "For outstanding creative achievements and activities of international importance"

Italy. Rome. Salsomaggiore. Solo exhibition


1970 - Switzerland, Lugano. Museo Belle Ani. "Nuove correnii a Mosca"

The election of a member of the Italian Academy of modern art, award, Genazzano and gold medal of the international Biennale of figurative art (Italy)


C 1971 - the artist's works are part of foreign museums and galleries


1974 - Germany, Bochum. Museum Bochum. "Progressive Slriimungen in Moskau 1957-1970"


1975 - Italy. Rome — Latina. Personal exhibition of the United States. St. Louis.


Since 1977 - the year he participated in group and solo exhibitions in the USSR and abroad: 1978 - personal: US. V. pies young: group: 1977 - USA, Boston: England. London: Italy, Venice (La Biennale di Venezia); United States. Washington;

1978 - the United States. Ithaca: Italy, Torino; 1981 - USA, Jersey city; 1988 - Belgium, Brussels: 1989 - England, London. Works of the artist are in the Tretyakov gallery (USSR), as well as in museums and private collections abroad.

Author of books and articles on the theory of fine art from the XVII century to our days. Lives in Moscow

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