Constantinovich Bogomolets

Russia • born in 1911

Thesis in the CVC (workshop BV Johansson) - "Intelligence" rating is mediocre. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of the artist painting.

(R. 1911, Biysk of the Altai territory)

Soviet Russian marine painter, restorer.

At the age of twenty five he became a student in the painting Department of the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. Repin. Student of I. I. Brodsky, A. M. Lyubimov, A. D. Zaitsev, A. E. tyulkina, but mainly by his own admission the artist, the great Mikhail Nesterov.

In 1942 took place in Ufa evacuated exhibition of artists of Bashkortostan, Moscow

and Leningrad, which presented the work of petitioner that caused the warm approval of critics and the public.

Creative passion Bogomolets determined by the nature, especially the sea. 28 seascape of the artist's works are in the art gallery behalf of I. K. Aivazovsky

in Feodosia, 4 in the Central naval Museum in St. Petersburg.

Petitioner was spoken in the area of restoration, having developed and subsequently improved the particular manufacturing techniques of tempera and the methods of its application

on the canvas. In the copy of Veronese's "Pieta" at the Hermitage in 1940 they were re-opened the secret to getting purple-pink color, which was used by the great master of the seventeenth century.

Lev Bogomolets has not yet parted with palette knife and brush.

The works are including in museums and private collections of France, USA, Israel, Japan, and also in the timing, the 1st medical Institute (St. Petersburg), the Museum of the Arctic (St. Petersburg), Murmansk regional Museum, Art Museum (Lviv), Art gallery

them. I. K. Aivazovsky (Feodosia), Petrozavodsk Museum, naval Museum (St. Petersburg), the Museum of the city of Zhytomyr.

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