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Ivanovich Meshchersky

Russia • 1834−1902

Painter-a landscape painter, member of the Academy. Peterb. AH (1864). B. in V. Volotsky, he graduated from the V.-Volotskoi County Uch-school in 1854-57 he studied in the Petersburg. AH F. A. Bruni, S. M. Vorobiev, T. A. Neff, Switzerland A. Kalam. From 1876 Professor OH. M. - a member of the world exhibition in Paris (1867, "a Winter night in Finland"), mn. academic. exhibitions and exhibitions of the Peredvizhniki group. Among the DOS. works: "Morning on the southern coast of the Crimea" (1864), "Ice drift" (1869, eng. Museum), "Winter. Icebreaker" (1878, Tretyakov Gal.). In TOKG - "Landscape" (1886) and "View of Siversk monastery on mount Athos" (1900).

Born in Vyshnevolotsk County Tver province. Twenty boys enrolled in the Academy of fine arts, where he studied for three years under the leadership of F. A. Bruni, S. M. Vorobiev, T. A. Neff. Something did not like the young artist training at the Academy after three years of stay in it and receive their first silver medals at his own expense went to Switzerland, where he became a pupil of the famous landscape painter of the Kalam. The influence of the teacher on the student was undoubted, but it is possible A. Meschersky to develop your own style in the landscape. In 1859, the artist sends the judgment of the Board of the Academy to submit to the contest "Swiss view", for which received a gold medal and the right to stay abroad at public expense. Besides Switzerland, he visited during travel, and Russian Crimea. His landscapes of Switzerland and the Crimea enjoyed great success at the academic exhibitions. Official recognition also has not kept itself waiting. In 1864, A. I. Meschersky received the title of academician, and in 1876 — Professor of landscape painting. On the canvases of A. I. Meshchersky captured views of Crimea and Caucasus, the Ukraine and surrounding area of St. Petersburg. Winter forest — the favorite motifs of the artist.

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