Alekseevich Vasnetsov

Russia • 1900−1973

Yury Vasnetsov (1900-1973) - a famous painter, as well as an illustrator, graphic artist, artist, who received the State Prize in 1971. The master was from Vyatka, a city that instilled in him a love for the culture of the people. He studied at the faculty of painting VHUTEIN, as well as in GINHUK. From 1928 he worked, illustrating children's literature. His first books were "Karabash", "Swamp" by V. V. Bianki.

The creative peculiarities of the illustrator Yury Vasnetsov were formed under the influence of the poetics of folklore, and his work on the decoration of fairy tales, songs, and mysteries gained the greatest popularity. One of his favorite composition techniques is repetition, a roll call of motifs. He knows how to relive the enthusiasm of the child’s tale, to see through his eyes the traditions of folklore.

In the funny and colorful works of the artist from Vyatka Yury Vasnetsov, folklore finds an unusually natural expression, on these books a lot of Soviet kids grew. The author himself during his lifetime became a classic illustrating publications for children. The most famous works of the artist Yuri Vasnetsov are the Three Bears designed by him. They have long become a classic of their genre. One of the best works - collections "Ladushki", "Rainbow arc".

Fantastic images artist Yuri Vasnetsov They are based on impressions of Russian nature, and its animals with birds are so expressive due to the fact that the author gives them movements and habits, precisely noticed in reality. Emotional mood organizes color. Endowed with the most important role, it becomes a kind of color alphabet for the child.

It is very interesting how the illustrator Yury Vasnetsov decorates the characters: Mama Kozu is festive, wearing a bright lace skirt with ruffles, puts a blouse on a bunny warmer, and those who prevent being happy with little animals do not like them - they do not deserve decent clothes.

Continuing to look for his own way, the artist entered the world of children's literature, but popular culture occupied a more important place in his life. Y. Vasnetsov is constantly looking at his own "Vyatka" world. Journey to the northern lands in 1931 confirmed the correctness of the choice of master. He returned to tradition, being already quite experienced and having his own style of drawing, and this was the beginning of what is now called the phenomenon of painting by Y. Vasnetsov. Thus, a still life with a big fish became a vivid testimony of a new style, which later appeared in his other works.

After the death of the author, an interest arose in his elegant stylization in the primitive style: “Lady with a Mouse”, “Still Life with a Hat and a Bottle”, where he manifests himself as an author who successfully combined the exquisite culture of painting of his era with features of “bazaar” art, which he liked it so much.

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