Nikolaevna Vatolina

Russia • 1915−2002

Biography and information

The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

1915 Born in Kolomna.

From 1932-1936 he studied at the art College ogiz.

From 1937-1942 he studied at the MIA by A. A. Deineka, G. G. Ryazhsky.

In 1935-1939 he studied with V. N. Denis.

First husband of Nina Vatolina was the son of Victor Denis Nicholas (see N.In.Denis).

Major works: "do Not talk!" (1941), "Five-year plan in four years" (1947), "glory to the Soviet people" (1953), etc.

Solo exhibitions were held in 1957 and 1968 in Moscow. Vatolina works are kept in many museums of Russia and abroad, as well as in private galleries and collections.

2002, Died in Moscow.

Widely known in our country and abroad Nina got through years of work in the field of poster graphics. Entering the number of young Soviet poster artists in the prewar years, the artist has created hundreds of sheets, many of which deservedly entered the Golden Fund of domestic art 1940-1960-ies.

Actively and selflessly worked for the artist during the great Patriotic war. The poster "do NOT TALK!", created by N. N. Vitolini in 1941 outlived its time, has found a second life in our days.

The scenic artist of high culture, educated in the best traditions of Russian art school of the 1930-ies, Nina Nikolaevna Vatolina brilliantly demonstrated his talents in easel painting and graphics.

The literary talent of Vitolini manifested in the brilliant books on which continues to work by the artist. Biographical work, "We — the poster", has become the first confession artists of her generation, and the guide-essay "through the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery", after a number of reissues, long remained the only popular book about this Museum.