Ivanovich Godlevsky

Russia • 1908−1998

He studied at the Kiev art.Institute (1927-31 g), vseross. Academy of arts in Leningrad (1936-41 G. A. Osmerkina). Member of the Leningrad Union of artists since 1949 he Taught at LHU (1949-56).

(1908, Dobromerichi (then Poland, now the Poltava region of Ukraine) – 1998, St.-Petersburg)

After losing her parents in the years of the First world war, was brought up at first in the shelter of the Countess Fenaminovoj in Moscow, after the revolution – in the orphanage. In 1927 – 1931 he studied

at the Kiev art Institute, then from 1936 to 1941, the Institute

them. I. E. Repin, where he was accepted for the quality of their work without exams.

Worked in the personal Studio of Professor A. A. Osmerkin was his favorite pupil. Participant of exhibitions since 1940. Studied the basics of Russian and French impressionism, Godlewski have created a unique, easily recognizable style, which was faithful to the end of life. Creativity Godlewski was never in favor with the authorities, Newspapers scolded him for "frantuzesti".

In 1991 in Paris, in one of the halls of Drouot, an exhibition of works Godlewski. 150 148 paintings were sold. The artist became famous in France and remained there to live until the end of 1996.

His works are in state Russian Museum, the Metropolitan Museum (new York), in many museums of Russia and abroad.

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