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Alekseevich Grigoriev
Biography and information

Painter, Nar. hood. Of the USSR (1974), full member AH the USSR (1958). Member of the CPSU (b) since 1941. He graduated from the Kiev art. in-t (1932), 1934−60 taught there from 1948 the Professor. Genre paintings devoted to children and young people "Children on the beach" (1937), "the meeting" (1947), "Young naturalists" (1948), "admission to the Komsomol" (1949), "Discussion two" (1951), "Back" (1954), "a Peaceful land" (1975), "brother and Sister" (1985), etc. The Winner Of The St. St. (1950, 1951).

[R. 22.6 (5.7).1910, Lugansk, now Voroshilovgrad], a Soviet painter, people’s artist of the USSR (1951), full member AH the USSR (1958). Member of the CPSU since 1941. He studied at the Kiev art Institute (1928−32) at F. Krichevsky; taught there (1934−60; from 1948 the Professor). Carefully written, with accurate details of the life of the painting Grigoriev, devoted to the problems of Soviet morality and education of youth and the world of children, had a significant influence on the development of Soviet genre. Works: "At the meeting" (1947, Kharkov art Museum); "admission to the Komsomol" (the Museum of Ukrainian fine arts of the Ukrainian SSR, Kiev) and "Goalkeeper" (Tretyakov gallery), both of 1949 (USSR State prize, 1950); "Discussion two" (1950; State prize of the USSR, 1951) and "Returned" (1954) — both in the Tretyakov gallery. Awarded 3 orders and medals.

Lit.: V. A. Afanasiev, Sergey Grigoriev, M., [1967].

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Sergey Alekseevich Grigoriev. Goalkeeper
Sergey Alekseevich Grigoriev
1949, 100×172 cm
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Sergey Alekseevich Grigoriev. Admission to the Komsomol
Admission to the Komsomol
Sergey Alekseevich Grigoriev
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1949, 100×172 cm
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