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Dmitrievich Derviz


(1859-1938) Graduated from Uch-school of law (1881), studied in St. Petersburg. Of arts (1880-85). In 1886-1921 lived in his estate (Domotkanovo Tver lips.), engaged households. and land activities, from 1900 pred. The Tver Zemstvo. In 1921-26 the head. ist.-hood. a Museum in Sergiev Posad. From 1927 he lived in Moscow. The author of the watercolors, including "the Girl under the tree" (1884), "eagle rock. Crimea" (1923).

Student Luigi Premazzi in St. Petersburg, then studied in France, in 1880-1884, worked at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts under Pavel Chistyakov.

Been close to the world of art. In 1883-1884 he worked in a workshop with M. Vrubel and V. Serov in the "find new ways to explore form and technique", particularly in watercolor painting. Vrubel later recalled: "three of us only understand serious watercolor at the Academy." Since 1921 Derviz lived in Sergiev Posad, in 1921-1926 he was in charge of the local Museum of history and arts.

The author of the book memories of Serowe (1934).

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