Alexeyevich Milashevsky

Russia • 1893−1976

1893, Saratov - 1976, Moscow early years V. A. Milashevsky held in Saratov, where Russia's best provincial art Museum, where he started his career of poet M. A. Kuzmin, the artist V. E. Borisov-Musatov - idols of the youth of those years. NS wonder that's milashevsky from childhood "sick" art. In Kharkov, where the family moved Milashevsky, he attended the private Studio of A. I. Grotto. In 1913 he entered the architecture Department of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts. However, more than all, in the words of the artist, it "taught the air age." Soon he left OH and started a New art Studio, where his fellow students were G. S. Vereisky and B. D. Grigoriev, and teachers mvdobuzhinsky and AE Yakovlev. A huge influence on young artists had a master "World of art". Brilliant literary portraits of figures of Russian culture of the time, a vivid picture of the artistic life 1910-20-ies. Milaszewski depicted in the book of memoirs, "Yesterday, day before yesterday." A large place it occupies Petrograd House is kusst - refuge in the difficult time many writers and artists. Breaking with the academic tradition's milashevsky began an independent career. Favorite form of art for him from now on was the graphics. Portraits, landscapes, domestic scenes, painted by the artist in the 1920s and 30s in Petrograd, Pskov, Moscow and other cities and regions of Russia, different accuracy characteristics, sharpness of detail, what they call "sense of time". A big role was played by developed Milashev-skim "method temp". He meant instantly made, sometimes not even a pen, a match, dynamic and emotional design. In 1924's milashevsky moved from Leningrad to Moscow. Here he became one of the organizers and the ideological inspirer of a group of young artists, "Thirteen". The interest graph led Milashevsky in book illustration. It is to this region, are his most famous works. He illustrated how the classics of Russian literature - A. S. Pushkin, I. A. Krylov, F. Dostoevsky, and works of foreign authors - Balzac, E.-T.-A. Hoffmann, G. Flaubert. He has worked with the publishing house "Academia". Among the best works Milashevsky are drawings for "Posthumous notes of the Pickwick club" by Charles Dickens, created in 1933 by order of the publisher. They perfectly convey the "English spirit" and correspond exactly Dickensian era. In 1949 the 150th anniversary of A. S. Pushkin's milashevsky has performed excellent illustrations to Pushkin's fairy tales, and this began a longstanding fascination of the artist "fabulous" illustration. Good luck steel drawings for "Humpbacked Horse" p. P. Ershova. To illustrate the tale's milashevsky continued until the end of his life.

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