Osipovich Kovalevsky

Russia • 1843−1903

War correspondents have appeared, probably, the first periodical printed matter. Only instead of the Leica photographers, for example, the great Patriotic war photographers of the second half of the XIX century, assigned to the army, had to carry notebooks, pencils and other art supplies that allowed them to sketch to capture the moment of the battle or event associated with the war. Who had a penchant for painting the son of a Professor of the University of Kazan Pavel Osipovich Kovalevsky chose battle class, when in 1863 he entered the Academy of fine arts. By that time, the Academy has developed certain traditions training battle painting, a strong impetus to the development of which has given the Patriotic war of 1812. After graduating under the supervision of B. P. Villevalde Academy, artist in his pensioner's trip to Italy for the painting "Excavation in the vicinity of Rome" (1867) obtained the title of academician. After returning to Russia, travels through the Caucasus — a place, a special attraction for any painter of battle scenes. Paintings created by the Caucasian sketches were stage of preparation for work during the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878. P. O. Kovalevsky, seconded to the army as a painter, writes, "the Headquarters of the 12th corps in Bulgaria (Captive Turks)" (1878), "12 Oct 1877 (Dressing station)" (1878). In 1880-ies sketches of the Balkan campaign was used by P. O. Kovalevskiy when writing webs for the Military gallery of the Winter Palace: "the Battle of the river lomé on 12 October 1877", "Cavalry from Tristinika and Micki 14 Nov 1877", "Night fight under the Elms 4 Jan 1878". Although the artist painted genre scenes (e.g., "Detour diocese," 1885), his attachment was defined in childhood. That is why Professor (1881) of the Academy of arts of P. O. Kovalevsky, leading in 1897 battle workshop of the Academy of arts, directed it and future artists-battle until his last days.

Was born in Kazan in the family Professor of Kazan University. Studied in the Petersburg Academy of arts in 1863-1871. BP Villevalde. During the period of study, he received medals: in 1863 - 2 silver; in 1865 - 2 silver; in 1866, 1 silver; in 1868 - 2 silver; in 1869 - 2 gold for the painting "the Persecution of the Turkish foragers by Cossacks" , and in 1871 he was awarded a gold medal for the painting "First day of the battle of Leipzig in 1813 ". In 1873, Kovalevsky was sent abroad academic pensioner and visited Munich, Vienna, Rome and Paris. In 1876, the title of academician for the painting "Excavation in Rome." During the Russo-Turkish war in 1877-78 he was in the army as a war artist during the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich. Pavel Kovalevsky lived and worked mainly in St. Petersburg, wrote of the battle and genre paintings, made drawings and illustrations. In the 1880s and 1890s, the years he lived in Kiev. Travelled in middle zone of Russia. Among his best works may be mentioned: Excavations in Rome ,1877 (p. Academy of fine Arts), the Headquarters of the 12th corps in Bulgaria , 1878 (purchased by the Emperor), an Episode from the battle of Austerlitz , 1881 (p. S), the Cossacks removed their dead , 1884 (acquired led. Prince Vladimir Aleksandrovich), Halt infantry in Bulgaria , 1884, Wounded at the SHIPKA pass , 1884, At the station , 1885 (property of A. F. Tereshchenko), the Battle of the river Lom , 1887, a Circassian with a dead horse , 1887 (property Khrapovitsky), the Cossacks in the field , 1887, and many others. In 1881 – the title of Professor, and in 1898 a full member of the Academy of Arts. In addition to the academic exhibitions, Kowalewski participated at the world exhibition in Paris (gold medal in 1878), Munich and Berlin. From 1897 to 1903 he was engaged in teaching, was led by battle-painting workshop at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Currently works P. O. Kovalevsky are mainly in the collections of the State. The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and State. The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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