Valentinovich Ivanov

Russia • born in 1940

The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born in 1940 in Moscow.

He graduated from the workshop of the poster of the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov (1965). Studied at N. A. Ponomarev, M. O. Savostyuka, B. A. Uspensky.

1965 — participant of art exhibitions (national, Union, international). Awarded the silver medal of the USSR Academy of arts (1970) for a series of posters "We ours, we will build a new world!" (jointly with I. L. Ovasapov and Cancer). Constantly works in the book drawing.

A member of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1967.

Major works: "On the dusty paths of far planets remain our footprints" (1965), "Thoughts sharp knife stabs in the coming fiction!" (1967), a series of "we have ours, We will build a new world" (1969), "Columba!" (1971), "long live the Soviet Union!" (together with L. I. Nepomniachtchi and Ovasapov) (1972), "We are the young masters of the earth!" (1978), "We ours, we will build a new world..!" (1978).

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