Vasilyevich Grishchenko

Russia • 1883−1977

Worked in the Studio of S. I. Swietoslawski in Kiev(1905), in the studios of Konstantin Yuon (1910) and I. I. Mashkov in Moscow. Participant of exhibitions from 1909: "the New society of artists", "Modern painting", "Union of youth", "World of art" (1917). He taught at the State free art studios in Moscow (1919). In 1923 went to France.

One of the most famous Ukrainian avant-gardists. Born in Krolevets, Chernihiv province. He studied at the philological faculty of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev. In 1905, studied painting in the Studio of S. svetoslavskiy in Kiev in 1910 – 1911 – in the studios of K. Yuon and I. Mashkov. In 1919 he taught at HWHM. Exhibitor exhibitions of contemporary art in Moscow (1910 – 1919). Member of the Association "World of art" (1917). Art historian, author of theoretical studies in the field of art, program manifests the "left" avant-garde currents. Lived and worked in Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Constantinople, Paris.

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