Dmitrievich Karneyev

Russia • born in 1902

Was born in Moscow.

In the years 1921-22 she studied at the technical school VKhUTEMAS S. V. Malyutin and N. M. Grigoriev;

1922 - founded. otd. in the mast. three executives (A. A. Osmerkin, N. A. Udaltsova, N. P. Ulyanov); 1923 - A. A. Osmerkin; 1924 - I. I. Mashkov.

In 1925, the Exhibitor about-VA "the Moscow painters"; 1926 - member of Genesis; 1927 - "Wings"; 1928-31 - Omha (cat. OMH, 1929 - f. Flowers).

In 1931 trip from Omha to the farm "Vyazniki".

In 1933 adopted in mash, in 1938 transferred to the candidates with the wording: "is Not possible because of the difficult material conditions to paint. Decorator".

(Materials O., Roytenberg)

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