Ignatievich Ladurner

Russia • 1798−1855

Biography and information

After receiving an art education in Paris and showing their works twice in the cabin (in 1824 painting "the Battle of Mataro" and in 1827 — "the Main staff of the Royal lancers"), in 1830 moved to St. Petersburg, where he soon gained the favor of Emperor Nicholas I and wrote for him the image of military parades, divorce, camp scenes, forms, uniforms of the various parts of the Russian army, etc.

In 1836 the Imperial Academy of arts recognized him as an academician for the program "battle scene", and in 1840 was elevated to the title of Professor 3rd degree for the painting "the Solemn meeting of the Petersburg Academy of Arts". He died in St. Petersburg in 1855. Numerous works by Ladurner were scattered mainly in the Imperial palaces; of these, the most complex and interesting — "a celebration of the opening of the Alexander column" (in the Hermitage).