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Yurievich Kramarenko


Painter, graphic artist. In 1906-08 he studied at Petersburg Academy of arts under Dmitry Kardovsky in 1908-11 in the hood. the studios in Paris. Since 1913 has participated in art exhibitions. In 1918-32 worked in Ukraine, taught at the Kyiv AH - 1923 Kiev Institute of plastic arts – rector, Dean of faculty. In 1935-41 Professor, Institute of advanced training of artists in Moscow. Author of landscapes, still lifes – "working village in Gorlovka" (1933), "the Alley near the Gur-Emir" (1934), "Sunny day (1934), "Teahouse" (1935), "a Night in Bukhara" (1935), "Crimean still life" (1937), "still life on a white tablecloth" (1937), "Moscow on a cloudy day" (1940), "Spring in Istria" (1941), etc.

Born in Uman, was educated in St. Petersburg, then Paris "had not joined the movement, which later will lead to the greatest upheaval in the artistic consciousness," and enrolled at the académie Ranson; and studied with Pierre Bonnard and Maurice Denis. The latter's commitment to public art interested in the young Kramarenko, although in those years, "this kind of artistic creativity had no programs, not even the name" and was considered a decorative painting. After school Danny Lev Kramarenko for a long time remained in his mind a muralist.

From 1918 to 1932 Kramarenko works in Ukraine. For ten years, after returning to Russia, the artist acquires a high professional reputation - he became Director of the Glinsky ceramic school in the Poltava region; later Director of the ceramic school in Mezhgorye near Kiev, which previously was a famous faience factory. Almost simultaneously the Ukrainian Academy of arts elected by Lev Yurievich Professor of the Studio of monumental painting. After the transformation of the Academy in Kyiv Institute of plastic arts, Kramarenko became rector. The artist seeks a little time for creative work. Preserved a series of drawings and watercolors from the mid 20-ies.

Soon, together with the artist A. RAM Kramarenko performs the idea of creating a new art Association - OSMU (Obznana suchasnih mitzv Ukraine) with its focus on avant-garde Western art, joined by V. Palmov, A. Petritsky, A. Bogomazov, the art historian Sergei Ernst, artists of Kharkov, Odessa, Zhitomir.

At the same time Kramarenko works as an easel - write and draw from life, especially during travel, which routes later lead the artist to the South and East to the Caucasus, in Central Asia - Bukhara and Samarkand.

Why one of the first Ukrainian artists, chroniclers of industrialization, fascinated by the dynamics of movement, effects of a spill of iron, reddish dust, haze, standing above the plant, suddenly went back to my old "French" preferences - planar solutions, juicy, dense decorative letter (South loop 25-26 years)?

(From Nelly to become Neboga "Pushed shori stone", "Mirror of week")

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