Konstantinovich Kundyshev

Russia • 1933−2005

Schedule, poster artist. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

1933 Born in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg).

1949-1957 Study at the Leningrad higher school of industrial art (industrial art) from R. Kogan, T. Shevchenko, P. Buchkin.

1970 the Beginning of the active work illustrates and designs books for the Leningrad branch of the publishing house "Detskaya literature", takes the posters, mainly theatre, for performances of the Academic theatre named after Lensovet Theatre named after M. Gorky and other St. Petersburg theatres. The author of a number of political posters.

1982 a Bronze medal at the X Biennale of the poster, applied graphics and visual information in Brno. The works of K. there are in Moscow at the Russian state library in St. Petersburg — the State public library in Warsaw and Lahti poster Museums, in private collections. The poster (political and cultural poster).

This artist was among the first who applied in 1970-1980 to entertaining poster graphic and raised the genre to a new, unprecedented level.

Leaves Kondasheva to the ballets of Boris Eifman's "the Idiot" and "the Marriage of Figaro", for productions of "Uncle Vanya" and "Optimistic tragedy" at the Bolshoi drama theatre named after M. Gorky, "the Lark" for the theater of the Lenin Komsomol, as well as numerous exhibitions of his fellow artists often appeared in the city, turning the streets into a kind of gallery of elegant and intellectual works.

Many years Kundyshev collaborated with the theatre of Lensovet in the peak of the popularity of theatre has created his most interesting works. "Interview in Buenos Aires", "Hasten to do good", "the taming of the shrew", "Station" and many other shows began as if long before the viewer was there in the theater, already captured by the neck next to one or another formulation, presented by the artist in the poster.

Skill Kondasheva a poster-faceted. Especially attracts attention with his ability, while remaining in the framework of the metaphorical approach to the theme, to identify in each poster not only the directorial concept of the play, but also to convey its texture, material embodiment, the folding of the artists, the work of art Director, composer, masters of sound and color. Such careful attention to stylistic subtleties, Frank admiration for a strange creature passed this poster, given the opportunity Kantyshevo to create bright works.

A high level of poster art of Viktor K. based on broad graphic and pictorial possibilities available in his own Arsenal. This enabled him to productively engage in painting, book illustration, easel and applied graphics. Everything had a hand talented artist, took kind of a top of a iceberg, which includes complex phenomena of world and Russian culture

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