Alexandrovich Lenkov

Russia • born in 1942

Biography and information

Born March 8, 1942 in Nizhny Tagil in the family of a serviceman. Baptized in the Church of the Kazan mother of God in the war. Until August 1945, lived in the far East, crown Prince Alexei (now the city Free of the Amur region). In the first grade of primary school went to Tbilisi. In 1957 he began to study painting from the artist Shapovalova Yakov Yakovlevich, the art Studio of Palace of pioneers of the city of Sverdlovsk opposite the Ipatiev house, where was shot the Royal family.

In 1959, he entered the picturesque pedagogical Department of the Sverdlovsk art College, from which he graduated in 1966.

From 1966 to 1972 he continued his education at the Moscow Higher school of industrial art (Stroganov).

Since 1979 member of the Union of artists of the USSR, now a member of the Union of artists of Russia and Moscow Union of artists. In the sculptural works of Art Fund of the RSFSR in Moscow. Perform work for the establishment of monuments, entrance signs, playgrounds, memorial plaques and bronze medals. The artist's works Lenkova V. A. are in the Museum-panorama "Borodino battle"; in the Regional Museum "Borodino"; the A. V. Suvorov Museum, Saint Petersburg; the Museum of Lenin in Gorki, Moscow region; the Armed Forces Museum in Moscow; in the Yekaterinburg Museum of local lore; Museum of Pavlik Morozov, S. Gerasimovka, Sverdlovsk region; in private collections of Russia, USA and Finland.

From 1979 to 1980, she worked on the creation of the monument "1943-the liberation of the city" in the Kaluga region town of Zhizdra.

Since 1973, participated in more than 25 exhibitions (all-Union, Republican and city)

In 1988, the participant of all-Union contest "Monument to the Victory of Moscow in the great Patriotic war" (the arena) with the author's idea and concept of rebuilding the temple of Christ the Savior:

a) the reconstruction of the destroyed temple K. Tone on the same Foundation instead of the pool "Moscow";

b) the transfer of the arc de Triomphe Bove Russians in their native Foundation near the Belarus station; C) the erection of St. George temple in memory of the Victory 1941-1945.

Co-author of the layout of the reconstruction project of the Temple of Christ the Savior with the sculptor V. P. Mokrousova and architect A. I. Titov at the same competition.

In 1993 participated in the exhibition at the Manezh in honor of the 125th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Nicholas II with the painting "Orgy. 1918год" (the magazine "Artist", № 1, 1994), participated in the exhibition "Orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality".

In 1994, he participated in the exhibition "Russian fire", dedicated to the events of October 1993 in Moscow and Sergiev Posad.

In 1999 in the IX Republican exhibition "Russia" in the Arena with the picture "And will resurrect Holy Russia".

The author works in painting, sculpture, medal art, the poster (graphics)

(Source: website of the Moscow Union of artists)

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