Timofeevich Liskov

Russia • born in 1924

Honored artist of Russia, one of the oldest artists of Sergiev Posad. Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Was born in Kiev. He graduated from the Moscow regional art school of Memory of 1905.

In his work B. T. Liskov worthily inherits and develops the traditions of Russian realistic school of painting. The best wizard is primarily landscapes of Moscow and Sergiev Posad.

Honored artist of Russia (1999). B. 12.06.1924, Kiev (Ukrainian SSR). Lives and works in Bronnitsy, Moscow region, Russia Studied in 3-m the Leningrad infantry school (1941-42), the MOSS of Memory 1905 (1944-49) V. Baksheev, S. Grigoriev.

The participant of the great Patriotic war (1942-44).

Artist SHPM (1951-1984). Bureau member of the creative team SHPM (1965-71). Member of the Union of workers of arts (1946). Member of "Zagorski artist". A member of the Union of Soviet artists (1951), the Union of artists of the USSR (1961), CXP.

The work of L. was formed and developed in the traditions of the Russian school of realist art, primarily in the genres of lyrical and architectural landscape and still life. Performed works: "On the Volga", "afternoon" (both 1949), "Forest road", "the First days of spring", "Returning from Moscow" (1950), "New suburbs", "lilac blooms", "Upper Volga" (1951), "Zagorsk. Lavra" (1956), "the Thaw", "road Repair", "Gas", "Suburb road" (1966), "Sunny day", "Thaw. The village Ryazantsevo" (both 1967), "Usolye", "Zagorsky landscape" (both 1968), "Holiday in Zagorsk" (1968), "Rafting", "Evening" (both 1970), "Summer evening" (1980, SPMZ), "turned Green" (1986), "turned Green" (1986), "a Night in Sergiev Posad" (1992, SPMZ), "still life with wood grouse" (1993, SPMZ).

Participant of exhibitions (since 1949), including: artists of the Moscow region (Moscow, 1949 – Diploma of III degree; 1950; 1955 – the Diploma of III degree; 1957; 1960) and Republican exhibitions (M., 1950 – II degree Diploma; 1951; 1952), Spring exhibition of works by artists Zagorski (Zagorsk, 1953), the Moscow regional exhibition (Moscow, 1966; Zagorsk, 1970), Republican exhibition "the Defenders of Moscow devoted" (Moscow, 1966), regional exhibitions of veterans of war (the first – Moscow, 1967; fifth – Istra, Moscow region., 1970; sixth – Istra, 1971), the third zonal art exhibition "Moscow" (Moscow, 1990).

Exhibition of works of L. was held in 1995, 1996, 2004 (Sergiev Posad), 1999-2000 (Bronnitsy, Moscow region).

Compositions are in private collections and galleries in Russia and abroad.

Awarded the medal "For victory over Germany" (1946).

The portraits of L. N. performed.And. Barchenkov (1945, 1955, H., M.).

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L. M.

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