Nikandrovich Palmov

Russia • 1888−1929

Biography and information

V. N. Palma studied painting in 1911 and 1914 in the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. In 1920 - 1921 he, together with D. Burliuk, makes a trip to Japan, where he met the local futurists. In the period from 1923 to 1924 V. N. Palma has partnered with the Moscow journal LEF; V. N. Palma was the Creator of the artistic style "Citistate".

In 1925, the artist joined the Association of revolutionary art of Ukraine. In 1927, he creates Ukrainian Union of artists.

From 1925 to 1929 V. N. Palma also in teaching, he was a Professor at the Kiev Art Academy.

A native of Samara, trapped by fate in the far East, since childhood showed great love for painting. He enrolled in the Penza art school, then graduated from the school of painting, sculpture and architecture in Moscow, has successfully completed a course on Studio of the famous impressionist painter Konstantin Korovin, and in 1915 for the painting "portrait of a friend" received the title of artist.


In his works, the artist "strives to finally break with the imposed school forms as obsolete and screen". In the magazines "Creativity" printed drawings of V. Palmov "Return from work", "Sorrow" and "Laughter" as typical of his work.


During the Civil war, Burliuk, Palmov and art exhibition the left direction through Siberia come to Japan. From there, he went to America, Palma returned to the Soviet Union. In 1923 – 1924 is a member of the Lef deals with sculpture, directs (together with A. M. Lavinsky) woodworking workshops.


In 1925 Palma – Professor of Kiev art Institute, later

his Dean. Rejecting the "visual naturalism", he proposes to look for new ways

in art in the direction of svetopisny, "in realism colors that excite his game will working to vigorous desire".


The best works of V. Palmov executed in a futurist-primitive architecture. The artist experimented with the surface of the paper and the canvas, complicating the texture, introducing

colorful layers of glass and foil.


Early death from an unsuccessful operation at the age of 31 years, interrupted career and life a talented artist.

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