Ivanovich Malyutin

Russia • 1919−1998

People's artist of Russia, laureate of the State prize of the USSR, laureate of regional prize of Lenin Komsomol. Born in 1919 in Kalinin region; graduated from Ivanovo pedagogical College of art in 1939; the participant of the great Patriotic war; was elected Secretary of the Union of artists of the USSR, member of the Board of the Union of artists of the Russian Federation; 1949-1989 — Chairman of the Ivanovo organization of the Union of artists; awarded the order the Labour red banner, Friendship of Peoples, medals; Honorary citizen of Ivanov.

Education: Studied at the Ivanovo art school. In his fourth year in 1939 he enrolled voluntarily in the flight of the fighter school.

He served in the Western district of air defence. The reserve officer. Member of the CX. List of paintings, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, created Malyutin, a complicated matter. Most of them were sold to museums of Russia, countries of near and far abroad. Distinguishes the work Malyutina fresh perception of nature, the ability to see in the character of the model is the most important and attractive features, the skill of drawing, beautiful painting. The press noted that painting for him is not "screaming color" and the inner rhythm of color combinations, is a powerful means of expressing the emotional mood and emotional experiences that can help to lift the deep layers of the spiritual life of the individual. Famous portraits: "Translator", "Logger", "Milkmaid Zabotina," "the Poet of beetles".

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