Ivanovich Nedbailo

Russia • 1901−1943

Born in Rostov-on-don. Participant in the civil war. From 1922 he lived in Moscow. He studied at the art Studio of the proletcult (1922 — 1923) V. D. Falileev, in VKhUTEMAS — VHUTEINe (1923 — 1927) P. V. Kuznetsov and R. R. Falk. With a group of students of the higher art and technical Institute in 1925 he visited Paris. One of the organizers of an art society "Growth"; participant of the exhibitions of this Association (1928 — 1929) and other exhibitions in the USSR and abroad; member of "13". Moscow hosted the personal exhibition (1934). Worked as an Illustrator for the publishing house "Young guard", as the poster in the Windows of TASS (1941). He taught at the Yaroslavl art pedagogical College (1928). In 1935 was in a creative assignment in the Crimea (the pioneer camp "Artek"). The participant of the great Patriotic war. Died October 14, 1943.

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