Yakovlevich Pavlinov

Russia • 1881−1966

Schedule art. Studied painting in the hood. studios, in 1903-06 studied in St. Petersburg. OH D. Kardovsky in 1906-08, in Munich, 1911-13 - the Stroganov Uch-school in Moscow. From 1914 a member of the PCT. In 1921-50 taught in ISKCON. hood. universities. Master of woodcuts. KN. graphics ("Rusalka" by Pushkin, 1922; "the Conspirators" Ruffini, 1928-29), portraits ("E. T. A. Hoffmann, 1922; "A. S. Pushkin", 1924), etc.

He studied at St. Petersburg Academy of arts (drop-in; 1903-06) D. N. Kardovsky. Member of the Moscow Association of artists (from 1914; in 1918 the Chairman) and the Association "Four arts" (1924). He taught in VKhUTEMAS-Vhuteine (1921-30; in 1921-24 the Dean of graphic faculty), as well as printing and art institutions (1930-50) in Moscow. From 1916 he worked mainly in woodcuts; works, p. narrative, the interest in everyday life combined with the desire to subordinate the story to the logic of the structural sheet; free, expressive, close to the stroke or zigzag bar makes the dynamics in a somewhat static composition (the illustrations to "the mermaid" Pushkin, 1922, "the Conspirators" Ruffini, 1928-29). The author of a number engraved on wood the portraits, characterized by the novelty of the psychological characteristics (portraits: E. T. A. Hoffmann, 1922; A. S. Pushkin, 1924).

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