Dmitrievich Pivovarov

Russia • born in 1937

Biography and information

Viktor Dmitrievich Pivovarov is the author of many paintings, art albums and various graphic series. The author considers her first serious work “The Temptation of St. Anthony” - a series of monotypes, created in 1967. Pictures Pivovarova first appeared at an art exhibition in 1977 and immediately attracted the attention of visitors to the original presentation of the material. One of the most popular works of the artist is the logo of the children's magazine "Funny Pictures".

Pictures of Victor Dmitrievich Pivovarov

In the artistic environment, Viktor Pivovarov is considered one of the founders of Moscow conceptualism. The artist works fruitfully to this day. In 2015-2016, at the solo exhibitions in Moscow, Pivovarov's paintings “Snail Trail” and “Lost Keys” were presented. The variety of techniques used by the author to convey his intention is simply amazing: it is easel painting, and works in the illustration genre, and book graphics.

Pictures of the artist Pivovarov inherent property to attract the viewer's eye: they draw attention to themselves by the clarity of lines, original plots, and bright hues. With the help of his works, the artist offers us to reflect on such concepts as sublime love, extreme loneliness, the existential horror of the frailty of all living things.