Ivanovich Popov

Russia • 1939−2018

Born in the village of Red, Totma district, Vologda region. Professional artistic education is not received. Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1980.


Participant of art exhibitions since 1967. The artist's works are exhibited at the interregional, regional, and international art exhibitions. Personal exhibition of paintings was held in Vologda (1973, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1996, 1999), Leningrad (1989, 1996), Kostroma (1986), Kineshma (1986), Ivanov (1986), Syktyvkar (1987), Cherepovets (1986), Totma (1977, 1983), Sochi (1979).


Lives and works in Vologda since 1983. The works are in Vologda regional picture gallery, Vologda State historical-arhitekturium and art Museum-reserve, the Totma Museum Association, museums of local lore of the Vologda region, private collections in Russia and abroad.


The artist works in oil painting in the genres of landscape, still life, narrative and everyday pictures (deals with graphics in the technique of pencil drawing, ink. Major works: "the Plowman" (1969), "the Generous earth" (1976), "Rural holiday" (1974), "September" (1976), "Holiday in the old village" (1977), "Summer harvest" (1978), "Pervoputok" (1982), "Spring chores" (1979), "moonlit night. The entertainers" (1983).

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